BRIOs history began in 1884 with basket maker Ivar Bengtsson. Today BRIO is a global corporation, holding the brands BRIO, Alga, Simo and Carena. BRIO Baby develops, produces and markets prams and push chairs, pram and push chair accessories, car seats and child furniture.

Brio's Vision: To be the world´s best and loved family brand. Brio's Mission: To create products for active, modern parents who want the best for their children


Brio Go
Go takes you from grandma to grandpa, into the car, up into the apartment, down the little cobbled street, into the baker’s, through the food shop,...
Brio Race
Your very first car or the first quick stroll, it depends who you ask. Race and Spin are best friends. The main differences are the wheels and the hood,...
Brio Beds

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